Monday, 6 February 2006

running longer

long run day and the traget is 14 miles at less than 14 mmm overall.

This will be the longest run since FLM05

After an early start, porage and seeing everyone off to school/work I had time to mark a few scripts before setting out.

I decided to pursue my water + glucose tablets regimne and see if it will be ok.

The weather is as it has been for days - grey - but at least not too cold and it is dry.

The route is my nearly9 mile route plus my nearly6 mile route, without actually coming right home. As the 6 miles is a sort of subset of the 9, this will involve most of killer hill twice, but that is difficult to avoid starting from home.

Usual tight calves for the first few miles, together with a slightly sore shin, but nothing to worry about once I was warmed up - about 3 miles!!

I'm getting to know the out route better now and there is enough traffic and other people about to feel safe but much better than all main road.

Passing a field of sheep I spotted the first lambs I've seen this year - it was quite cold so they were all snuggled up with their mums.

Coming up killer hill for the first time my back was really aching and there was a slight temptation to cut this short and come home, rather than start the second loop, but I gritted my teeth, thought of my waister pals and on I went.

This was a tough few miles - I struggled to run at all on some of the upwards bits and parts were miserable, but then I'd come to a level bit and find myself plodding along at 13:20 pace again!

When I arrived at Killer Hill the second time I remembered Highway Kind's advice from a year ago and just used the walk as a warm down and didn't even attempt to run it.

So its done!

Mile Pace AHR
1 12:41 131 downhill
2 13:23 133 stretching
3 14:14 133 more stretching
4 14:31 134 uphill
5 13:00 136 feeling good
6 13:09 135
7 13:06 137 stopped watch to buy water
8 13:17 138 killer hill first time
9 14:04 134 back on the second loop
10 13:53 134 not so quick this time!
11 14:23 135 back aching really struggling
12 13:56 133
13 14:17 134
0.97 16:33 126 walked most of killer hill
13.97 13:53 134 3:14:01


Evil Pixie said...

That's really good! Well done!
See you Friday!!

Outsidenow said...

Sounds like a real toughie that course.

Very well done Beanz. It's banked now!

Highway Kind said...

Good run - well done.

Yep I always believe it is a good idea to end at the bottom of the hill. The walk back up just eases you out and prepares you for some stretches.

b-z said...


HappyasLarry said...

Great running Beanz.

I like the strategy of saving the walking time till the beginning of the next mile. I may try that out myself on a long run.

Leon said...

Well done you