Friday, 24 February 2006

missing runs

mmm haven't blogged since Sunday

something to do with being feeble I think

anyway it went like this:

Sunday - ran early, meetings all day, work to do in the evening, late to bed

Monday - couldn't get up early to run, needed sleep; worked late into the evening

Tuesday - had to get up early to get early into the office to email work from Monday

Wednesday - at last the energy to get up and run - 2½ miles in 31:31 ok so not that far but it was 12:49 mm so quick for me

Thursday - snowing, so I was persuaded to go to the gym - so I could give the teenbeanzes a lift to school on the way - so cross-trainer and then tready 2½ miles done

Friday - and its long run day - more snow, cold wind but eventually I get myself out the door, snow has stopped and it is thawing slightly - though I cannot imgaine why, it is FREEZING
plod the first mile mostly downhill, but as soon as I reach an uphill bit my back aches - and this is the route that is best described as hilly - so with this back ache there is no way I am going to cope with all the hills an dI decide to turn back :<( and a pathetic 2 miles completed
back home I phone the phyzz who miraculously has had a cancellation and I have been down there for a prod - she agrees the back is tight and going into spasma and says that I need to do the core strength stuff more carefully and regularly

so that is me told

I MUST do it

tomorrow's another day

and its National XC Champs at Parliament Hills - is it a year since I met Ruth at the Brum races?

so teenbeanz is running and various other forumites - its looking to be a cold muddy day out


b-z said...

Bout time you and i got together for a longer one then isnt it

Sluggie said...

Things haven't been going too well recently, have they?! Try not to worry though, you've done FLM before so you know that you can do it again. Have a great day out with Teenbeanz.

HappyasLarry said...

Its always best to stop if something is hurting. I hope the back will be better for your next run.