Tuesday, 14 February 2006

a plod in the park

what a great plod!

XB commented at the weekend how the Garmin liberates you to go off route and still have all the geeky (my word not his) numbers to look at afterwards

so off for a plod in the park - recovery run is the technical term

now it is not totally possible to keep your HR under control in my park but still I'll try

so a standard loop of the lake and field, listening to the birds thinking it's spring already

but still 20 minutes to do, so off across the golf course, just wandering in places I don't normally venture; some plodding, some walking up steep bits until eventually I get home

almost 44 minutes done, no tarmac and loads of fresh air

must do this more often!

and I realised that I could do my threshold runs around the lake where it is reasonably flat

the best bit?
seeing our retired GP walking her dog - she used to have two dodgy hips, but after two ops she is striding out across the golf course, like a woman half her age :>)

oh, numbers:

what: recovery run
where: the park
distance: 2.83 m
time: 44:42
pace: 15:47
AHR: 128


Evil Pixie said...

That's Great!

Sluggie said...

Still working on Mr Slug for a garmin!

Outsidenow said...

Sounds like a nice run Beanz. It's rather nice when you discover a new plod place. It'll be good to get off the roads for a bit.