Friday, 17 February 2006

struggling this week

plodded Tuesday
prodded Wednesday
travelled Thursday
worked Friday
now knackered with nothing to show for it

masseuse did a brilliant prod on Wednesday really hit the spots that made my shin sore - and, after some icing, it is sore no more :>))

however I should have done a long run with Ruth today, but didn't - coudln't make our diaries fit

and I have let the work pile up so didn't even go out on my own - at all

there's no wonder the teenbeanzes are struggling to finish all their coursework - I do nto set a good example and I am struggling too - too much time forumming, reading blogs and generally messing around

not enough work done each day to keep the deadlines at bay

so then I have to stay up late to finish things and am worn out next day


still if I can get through the next 24 hours and get stuff done, it is off to Cambridge - stay in a hotel - plods before breakfast alternating threshold, base and recovery I think

and early nights

maybe I can recover some of my get up and go

and not get myself in this mess again


or maybe not ..................


HappyasLarry said...

Don't beat yourself up Beanz. Sometimes life is so busy you just can't fit everything in and you will get your plods done next week so no harm done.

b-z said...

I didnt plod either-and i am supposed to be off work-so no excuses really

b-z said...

And today is another day

Evil Pixie said...

just do your best - that's all you can do and I bet the kids don't "follow your example" as you say. Teenagers are always last minute people anyway!

Outsidenow said...

Try not to beat yourself up too much Beanz. You have a busy and active life. That's great!