Sunday, 20 February 2005

back on the road

first long run on the road since BM in January and it felt hard in places

bright sunny, with cold wind from the North - in my face on the way out

some back ache on the uphill bits on the return journey - at least hills will not be a problem at FLM

ran it at 70-75% HR - which turned out to be about the projected marathon pace, so that is looking hopeful

where: road
what: 12 miles
time: 2:42:00
pace: 13.4 mm
AHR: 136
tomorrow: swim if time


Leon - Aim High! said...

Hi Beanz
[waves cheerily]
Been away for a bit - so I'm just catching up with everyone. Great to see that you are back on the road again and running nicely

bz said...

12 miles is great

Nice to see you at Cofton park
And mini beanz seesm a really nice lad-a credit to you

beanz said...

thanks, ruth

good to see you too