Monday, 7 February 2005

silly me

Will I never learn?

Right leg was wobbly oin Saturda- so what did I do yesterday - yes included the tready in my CV session at the gym

Not content with that I decided I fancied a plod this afternoon.

Trouble is I have a choice: tarmac and not too steep gradients OR off orad and softer but muddy, uneven and more undulating.

Decided on off road.

After a mile my right leg was feeling decidedly wobbly - not exactly painful, just like 'I'm not really up to this and might give way at any moment' kind of feeling.

So made my way back and stretched and iced.

Tomorrow I will NOT plod (but am I allowed to walk??)

where: park
what: 1.6 miles
time: 25:00
pace: 15.4 m/m
AHR: 125
tomorrow: no plodding


Leon - Aim High! said...

Beanz - I'm really sorry to hear about this. It's SO frustrating - BUT you will get through it.
Take Care you

Evil Pixie said...

Take Leon's advice and follow his fine example and cross train like a mad thing for a while
Take care I need someone to run round Ashby for 4hrs and to chat to me!


bz said...

take care

beanz said...

thanks friends


RobW said...

Gentle stroll never did anyone any harm.

C A D said...

Evening lady...

I hope you did NOT plod today.

I got my nooo shoooes.