Saturday, 5 February 2005

white shoes, new shoes, muddy brown new shoes!

feel better for that

a short plod in the park - ok soft but not even ground

so shin feels fine, other leg felt it though!

just a short plod, but hilly and muddy and great to be out

had to walk the last few minutes as ankle was feeling the strain

now stretched, iced, showered and about to get lunch organised

where: park
what: 1.9 miles
time: 25:45
pace: 13.3 m/m
AHR: 130
tomorrow: CV at gym


Leon - Aim High! said...

Good for you Beanz - fells good, eh?

beanz said...

yep - just need to be careful to build up slowly again

Leon - Aim High! said...

Definitely - it's worth the patience!!!

C A D said...

Hi Beanz

(doing my blogging catch up!)

The legs will feel much better soon. You just need to be patient with it. Glad you managed to get out though (unlike some of us).