Sunday, 27 February 2005

its hard

it was hard today

aimed to go out for 3 hours - as the get you round schedule - and decided to run 12 minutes walk 1 as I hope to run a mile walk a minutes at FLM;

went out ok, though there was a cold wind into my face on the way out, at least the sun was shining

coming back was not too bad, though there were snow flurries for a few miles, but nothing settled

then cam ehte grind home and I just could not keep going. the last 1½ miles is all uphill and at the end of that run my legs did not want to run, so it was run 1 minute walk 2 by the end!

still I did it - longest time yet on my feet and would have been quicker on the flat, so sub 6 hours is on.

where: road
what: 13.7 miles
time: 3:04:34
pace: 13.5 mm
AHR: 135

tomorrow - swim with the teenbeanzes who are on holiday

24.75 miles this week
70.45 miles in February


Andrew McEvoy said...

Wow. Way to go, beanzie. That's some serious WAISTing. Well done.


bz said...

hey fab going beanzie

beanz said...

thanks, both

Evil Pixie said...

brilliant Beanz!
My last long run was 13.4m in 3hrs 10 so where there together!

Highway Kind said...

Well done, 3 hours on your feet is really good endurance.

As for not running up hill at the end, just think of it as part of your warm down (if there is such a thing in this weather.

bz said...

3 hours on your feet is marvellous beanz

well done