Thursday, 10 February 2005

strength training

Sneaker 6

Great session with the PT at the gym.

She's given me a strength programme to do twice a week, plus another one if I can get in three times.

and is really positive about me making it.

Push Up Squats Fat Man 7

Trailplus here we come!


where: gym
what: cross trainer (HR 70%) + strength legs, upper body, core
time: 1:10:00
pace: n/a
AHR: 97 (over whole session)

later the same day ...............
been to the AC and walked the field, slipped down a muddy slope in the dark - not injured, just dirty ......

now getting packed for the weekend ........................

printing materials for presentation and

.......panicking about work not done

but looking forward to lunch with a forum friend

and then meeting some more forum friends and lots of new forum peeps

pity the folk who're coming on the weekend without an alternative name - they'll wonder what has hit them!!

Like going on a coach holiday and discovering that half the bus has been booked by a school party!


bz said...

good to see you more positive
you wil be fine

Evil Pixie said...

PMA is what you need for FLM!

Andrew McEvoy said...

I'm glad you're more positive, Beanzie. Have a good Trailplus and go easy on your pins. And go easy on the gin.


beanz said...

thanks guys

Evil Pixie said...

{sulk} I was supposed to be there with you {sulk}
Have a FANTASTIC time and sod work for the weekend!
I want a FULL report with all the info including hints and tips 1st thing Monday morning!

Leon - Aim High! said...

That sounds more positive beanz - good for you.
Have a really great weekend