Monday, 14 February 2005


So today was a rest day - needed after the weekend.

But the local paper phoned for an interview for their feature on FLM 25. Tried to encourage them to contact the Club and the other members with places -but they wanted "real people"!!

And then they sent round the photographer - lucky my black kit was washed and dried! Photographer

He did lots of shots of beanz posing as a runner Running- we'll see whether he kept far enough away!

Since had a series of governors meetings and am now shattered.

Have to go to Cambridge tomorrow - 5.00 am train, so need to get my act together and get to bed.

Away until Thursday, so need to take kit too and try and fit in a run or two.


bz said...

post piccies======OR ELSE:)

Evil Pixie said...

we NEED to see what real runners look like - RW don't know!!
Good for you!