Monday, 9 January 2006

9 miles d&d

so Monday is long run day and today Hal said 9 miles so 9 miles was done

same route as I did on New Year's Eve - downhill, level, climbing, undulating downhill, levelish, killer hill (You'd love it Leon!)

So the numbers:

Mile AHR


1 132 12:29 12:59 139 downhill
2 137 13:25 13:43 139 pretty level
3 139 13:41 14:03 143 rising
4 138 14:33 13:44 151 climbing
5 137 11:29 13:24 149 must have lost signal here I think!
6 137 13:29 13:31 140 coming home
7 133 13:57 13:32 139
8 139 13:52 13:54 138 this is uphill
9 136 14:56 15:02 137 killer hill warm down
9.0 136 13:33 13:48 142 2:01:56 2:03:55

so pretty pleased with this!

What does it mean for BM?
Last night I commented on Pix's blog that I was hoping to run at 13:45 or (optimistically) 13:30 pace at BM which is in 2 weeks time and flat as a pancake.

Today I ran the first 8 miles in 1:46:59 which is equivalent to 13:22 pace - including some serious gradients. So maybe I should hope for a quicker pace than I had suggested at BM.

As I was plodding round today, I did think that I might run BM to my HRM - without the bleeps of course. I tend to get into a groove of plodding, which sometimes slows down, but if my HR says I could be going quicker then I try to speed up a bit. And it is a training run for FLM anyway!


Evil Pixie said...

Well cool Beanz!

As for BM why not run it for fun and see what happens?

C A D said...

First mile out a bit quick (just like me) other than that, it's a solid base training run. Even pacing and even HR right the way along.

I agree with Pix though, why set yourself a goal for BM so early in FLM training...? BM is same day as Helsby and I'm doing Lochaber same day as FLM... I'm treating Helsby as a race I want to do and do well but I'm not bothered about the time. Maybe if I get under 2:30 I'll be happy but it looks more like 2:35 at the moment. Just relax into it and let the pace take you along. Prepare well and let the figures take care of themselves. The important thing here to remember for you both (you too Pix) is that you have tried your best and you have prepared well for it. That's all you can do. Now... I hope you sat in an ice bath afterwards...? I did 25 mins last night and not a single ache today - so much so that I MAY consider a recovery 3 milers

(yes, even though I said it was a rest day - rested more than I planned! Ended up staying home from work and sleeping all day!)

Mrs V said...

good plodding Beanz

Good luck at BM you will do ace!!

Leon said...

Lower HR - Faster pace.
This was a good comparison Beanz, shows notable progress, and you are right to be pleased with it

I like the sound of the route too...
"killer hill" - just my find of thing

Gonna have to come and visit and play with your hills..!!

beanz said...

Leon: come any time - there is a little cut off to turn it into a 6 miler, or combined it would make a 14 miler for you whilst I do 9??

Pix and Cath: I need some kind of target time for BM - just so MrBeanz is at the finish with warm clothes! But will see how it goes - never really gone for targets - just plod round is my style!

Leon said...

Hmmm... think were going to have to find a window of opportunity for this one Beanz..!!


HappyasLarry said...

Very well run Beanz!

You are doing everything right and will do BM easily.