Wednesday, 11 January 2006

slow 4 done

had planned to run early, but decided to get some work done first and I am so pleased I did - now a glorious day
clear blue skies and warm (apart from the wind)

so 4 miles plodded - and I use the word advisedly

how come these were at a slower pace than the 9 miles on Monday?

Mile Pace AHR
1 13:01 132 mainly downhill
2 13:54 138 seems level!
3 15:37 136 definitely uphill
4 14:14 134 HRM intermittent uphill
.14 15:20 159
4.14 14:14 135 58:54

by the way when I talk about killer hills - they are not generally serious hills or particularly long they are just killers at the end of a plod - and always are there as I live close to the top of a hill!


Leon said...

We all have days when, inexplicably, things seem harder than normal or - unexpectedly - Oh so much easier...
Both Cath and Pix have run really well recently, and neither of them were really expcting it.. and the same will happen for you too Beanz....

The point is - you have been out - for nearly an hour, with your HR up in a nice aerobic zone, the benefits of which are enormous...

So - don't beat yourself up about it - you did well..

Better than about 95% of the population today!!!!

< MWAH >

Evil Pixie said...

and damn good it was too!
Just back from speedwork myself - it was slower than Monday'd fab run and harder yet I hadn't done 7m the day before I had rested!
Go figure!
it's these runs that will help you get another FLM medal (goes green)

HappyasLarry said...

Funny how times can vary from one run to another, isn't it?
Just enjoy the runs, don't worry too much about the times. As long as you cover the distance, the time will start to get less without you really thinking about it.
I wish I had some hills to run nearby. I have to drive about 20 miles to get to the nearest ones. Lucky you!