Wednesday, 4 January 2006

working away again ....

So it all begins again - off on the train for few days away in a hotel

two targets:
  • eat properly
  • get in some running somehow

the hotel looks to be in the middle of a loop of road about half a mile long, so a few circuits of that morning and evening may be the best way to put in a few miles - might be doing the dreaded 'doubles' !! - but just a couple of miles each time owing to time constraints, not serious daily thread type doubles :>)

there is a gym , but they tend not to open early enough in the morning and the treadmills always feel a bit rickety after the good solid 'life fitness' ones we have at the gym

the eating will be ok in the hotel, its the buffet lunches I'll have to watch

I have decided to run FLM for Oxfam this year and have now set up my web page - take a look and read about why I chose Oxfam


Mrs V said...

Hey there, thanks for the comment in my space, ive decided its not about speed anymore, I just need to work on the stamina, so as long as I finish Liverpool Half then im not fussed how long it takes me.

Im gonna sponsor you later on in the month when I get paid.

Not long till Trailplus now!

Evil Pixie said...

Beanz the link is broken

5 wks to TrailPlus Mrs V!!!

beanz said...


5 weeks - eeek

need to be fitter than last year!

Mrs V said...

In five weeks im pretty sure my schedule has me running an 8 miler, im sure trailplus will have something to accomodate me.

Just need to make sure I have a replacement garmin by then, dont think Mr V will be too chuffed lending me his all weekend, if the insurance peeps havnt sorted it I may just order one anyway so Ive got ot on the day.

womble said...

Thanks, beanz. I'll be visiting your link too .... as soon as I have the employment situation sorted!


C A D said...

Hi Beanz, count me as a sponsor too when the bliddy bank sort out my money! (Don't ask!)

HappyasLarry said...

Hey Beanz, a very worthy cause.

I'm sure the training will go fine for you, you are doing well so far.