Wednesday, 25 January 2006

keeping going

recovered from BM with no ill effects - but no time to run on Monday - w*rk does get in the way sometimes

mrbeanz has not recovered - his sore calf is letting him know that he shold have pulled up at 3 miles, rather than carry on! lots of icing at the moment

went to the gym yesterday - the teenbeanzes are now 16 so are allowed to use all the equipment so they had an induction last week and nonrunningteenbeanz wants to start going regularly, so this must be encouraged

I went on the cross trainer and did some resistance stuff - - and the ITB roller OUCH

teenbeanz did some of his stuff, but as is usual the PT did not give enough detail on the card, so he could not not remember which machine a couple of the exercises were four - I made suggestions, but it didn't match his memory!

ah well

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