Friday, 13 January 2006

plodded and prodded

still on track with the HH schedule, so feeling pleased with myself

this mornign was due to be 3 miles, so I went to the gym and did 5 km on the tready - trying to keep up the pace - so 3. 1miles done

and then for a massage

the phyzz had suggested that I see the sports masseuse / therapist once a month to keep me ticking over, rather than see her unless there is a serious problem so off to see Anna - masseuse to Coventry City FC!

A good session, she certainly found some of my notty points, and gave me a good going over - now not allowed to run for 24 hours - so will do tomorrow's 3 miler in the afternoon

now feel like I need a snooze!!


Evil Pixie said...

sports massage - ouch!
Good to see you still positive! You've done this before so no worries!

Sluggie said...

I keep meaning to find someone who gives sports massage. Sounds both painful and expensive, but seems as if it would be worth it.

Leon said...

Sports masaage - Superb :o)
There's nothing like having your legs worked on, and them working properly again!!!

Well done for keeping on scheldue Beanz