Sunday, 8 January 2006

getting back into the groove

So back from working away - and not much running done

I was staying at the Madejski Stadium in Reading - usual new stadium location on a trading estate - not ideal running country. It did not look like the sort of place you'd want to be out on your own early in the morning, so I decided to try the gym. A colleague told me that it opened at 6.00 am - so there I was at 6 ready to go - but it did not open until 6.30.

Rather than sit around for half an hour I decided to plod outside just looping round the stadium. But I was not dressed for runing outside at that time on a January morning, so I only managed 3 laps - 18½ minutes before my hands were numb. So fionished off with three flights of stairs in teh hotel and glutes and core exercises.

Then a long day of exhibitions and giving talks left me worn out by the time we got back to the hotel at 7.00 pm.

The only way I was going to get a run in before leaving for the conference was to get up at 6.00 again, but a bad night's sleep put paid to that -so it was just the glutes and core this morning.

Exhausted by the meetings and woken at 3.30 am by boy racers practising their hand brake turns in the car park outside, meant again I did not get a run in.
6.30 pm home at last and out for a curry to celebrate the teenbeanzes' forthcoming birthdays next week.

The two targets I had for these days away were to try and plod each day and eat sensibly.

As seen above did not manage the first but DID manage the second. :>))

A lie in until 9.00 am such luxury!
Then a visit to the gym this afternoon - just 3 km on the tready and some core strength - long run tomorrow.

The plan for the week ahead:

Monday 9 miles
Tuesday rest
Wednesday 4 miles steady
Thursday In Exeter - rest day
Friday 3 miles treadmill: speed pyramids
Saturday 3 miles recovery
Sunday cross train


Evil Pixie said...

wellcome back and well done whilst away!
Are you doing Reading in April?

b-z said...

point is you are fitting SOMETHING in whatever
well done