Monday, 16 January 2006

a struggle this morning

long post warning - got to get this one out of my system!

Monday is LS day - and today was to be 10 or 11 miles - last long run before Brass Monkey next Sunday

so a look at the map suggested I could tag a bit onto each end of the 9 miler to take it up to 10 and see how I feel when I got close to home, whether I might add a bit more on

so early porage then settle to a bit of work until digestion has happened - durign this time the heating went off and I began to to feel cold and ot liek going out - but I must

its grey and miserable, outside the forecast is for showers this morning and heavy and more frequnt showers by lunchtime

so I dug my gilet out of the cupboard, a long slow cold and wet run would be worse than anything

decided to try dextrose tablets rather than gels for energy en route - I find the consistency of the gels is bleurgh and half strength lucozade - too sweet at full strength

so eventually I get out of the door and plod on my extra loop, by the time I join my usual route I have added 0.65 miles

by this time the HRM is beginning to play up and despite groping up my top it seems set on not working - except to occasionally tell me my HR is 224!!
as I am wearing an Enell, I have just tucked it under the strap, without the elastic strap - so maybe the contact is not good enough - though this is not usually a problem - or maybe it need a new battery - will have to investigate.

so will just have to run on feel - and I plod along for a while, but the toxic twenty is turning into 30 and I am tempted towalk, even though it is flat and early days - and I am thinking of escape routes, just doing the 6 miles instead of 9+ - but as I walk to clean my glasses a cyclist passes and calls out 'keep going' so i set of again - thanks to that man!

eventually I get into gear and by the time I get to the escape lane (4 miles) I am not even contemplating taking it!

it is a good for the first 5 miles - some ups and downs but not too much traffic and I have not yet done it eonought ot be bored by it

at the turning point I seem to have a lost a few of my extra yards - and insteadof turning at 5.65 it is 5.5 - ah well

now on the main road and a few buses pass - and I have a thought that I might catch one!

but I keep on going and now I am pleased I have my gilet - on the way out it was sheltered and I did get very warm - but now I am running into a wind and it is trying to rain

on familiar territory I plod up killer hill - managing to keep plodding some of the time but getting rather slow and a few short walks

as I near the turning for home the 9 mile bleeps - and I know it is 0.3 miles up the road to home, so I have lost more of that extra distance - not sure how though!

so I continue on to add a little extra, but it is serious rain and I don't go as far as I should - and dip out for home, by the time I get to the door it is 9.7 miles

and its over

Mile Pace AHR
1 12:40 mainly downhill - too fast
2 13:56 downhill and level!
3 13:53 level and up
4 14:23 uphill
5 14:21 still mostly up
6 13:21 turned for home
7 14:09 getting tired
8 13:49 uphill - so not bad
9 14:43 killer hill
0.7 16:01 its raining, uphill and I want to finish!
9.7 14:04 2:16:31

of course, I now wish had carried on past the front door - to make the 10 miles- as Hal Higdon says, don't cheat on the long runs

so its miles under the bonnet and now I have put a new battery in the HRM is it is fine

better today than Sunday!


b-z said...

thats great beanz

Evil Pixie said...

well done

Highway Kind said...

you didn't cheat that long run - great the way yiu kept going.

womble said...

Well done you for getting out there and then sticking to it. It'll pay off in the end.

Leon said...

That was great Beanz...!!!
Well done you

HappyasLarry said...

Well done Beanz. Bet you felt so good after.