Wednesday, 18 January 2006

a plodette

club night tonight and we had a new lady in our slowest group - so we just did a two miler - good to have someone else around my pace - though I suspect she might speed up fairly quickly


distance: 2.02 miles
time: 26:23
pace : 13:03 mm
AHR: 142

off to Coventry first thing tomorrow until Saturday - will try and fit in a little plod tomorrow evening

and then Brass Monkey on Sunday - see you there Pix!


Evil Pixie said...

can't believe it's this weekend! Nice trot to keep the legs going there ... should be nicely rested for sunday!
See you there!

Michelle Mitchell said...

best of luck with the Brass Monkey-enjoy!!!

Sluggie said...

Good luck with BM beanzie, I look forward to reading your race reoprt.