Sunday, 15 January 2006

good weekend

County XC champs today, so off to the park with teenbeanz - not far to go this year, just a mile or so up the road

His is first race and we arrive in plenty of time to warm up, meet other members of the club team and generally get in the mood

Sudddenly its time to get all the warm clothes off and the spikes on

and they are off!

two laps of the course and as they come back at the end of the first lap there is a least one drop out ahead of him and one runner behind him

he maintains his position to the finish - and received an invitation to be a reserve for the County Team!! He is dead chuffed :>))

and as a bonus my forum mate tigerrunner won a bronze for third in his new age group - 50th birthday on Friday!!

Saturday evening was the Club Awards dinner - being a friendly club as well as awards for best man and lady - based on race results over the year; there are leagues, so you can win an award by doing well amongst your peers; also there is a club member of the year - chosen by club members and finally a memorial award given to a family who have contributed to the club in the past year - so a really nice affair

So it comes this last award and TeamBeanz won!- really nonrunningteenbeanz won it - he has created a website for the club - it went live this very day and we now have a silver rosebowl to polish for the year!!

He was chuffed when we came home and told him

Should have run 3 miles yesterday, but no time before the XC races and to weary later

so off out this morning for a little plod up the road and back - funny how a 3 mile run almost seems like not worth getting changed for - but that is what the schedule says, so go with it

Mile Pace AHR
1 12:41 130 generally downhill
2 14:20 136 a little undulation
3 14:21 138 better than my usual pace up this killer hill
0.15 14:29 160
3.15 13:49 135 43:33

the return mile and half is the last stretch of my 9 mile run; yesterday mrbeanz ran the 9 miles in preparation for Brass Monkey - he informed me the run is undulating rather than hilly - but even he said the last mile up my killer hill is a bit of a pain at the end of a run!


Highway Kind said...

What a talented family you have

womble said...

Well done to all the beanz. Excellent website, nrtb!!!

Evil Pixie said...

well done teambeanz! Brilliant allround!

HappyasLarry said...

Brilliant Teambeanz! You have all worked so hard.