Friday, 27 January 2006

humph :<(

well I seem to have acheived nothing this week, let alone today

  • defrosted freezer
  • been school governor for an hour or so
  • responded to a few work emails
  • not run
  • not done the work I was supposed to do
  • eaten too much bready stuff

feel very disatisfied with myself

I've plodded 2 miles this week

off to Northern XC champs with teenbeanz tomorrow so standing in a cold field in Blackburn for an hour or five

then off to another cold field on Sunday for TG

I want to do both those things, but they don't do much for my FLM training :<((


Andrew McEvoy said...

Look out for an XB and two XBettes at Blackburn.

Not 100% but would like to meet Bobbis (Daily Plod thread) and it'd be good to bump into you and welcome you to the North West.

And chin up...

Andrew x

beanz said...

ooh - that would be great :>))

will have my phone and be there all day

b-z said...

you sem to have done quite a lot this wek even if it isnt running
apparently this is the most depressing week of the year
so the only way is up

Evil Pixie said...

A) you've done more than me
B) you've run more than me
C) take you runners and do intervals instead of waiting in the cold
D) you KNOW you can do FLM

b-z said...

very true pixie
I seem to recall beanz has already done a marathon

b-z said...

very true pixie
I seem to recall beanz has already done a marathon

Sluggie said...

beanzie - I'm also finding it hard to juggle the demands of the things I HAVE to do for everyday life, the things I NEED to do for marathon training, and the things I WANT to do. I'm sure it will get easier as the days get longer (I hope!).

Outsidenow said...

Well Beanz that was last week but hopefully you'll find the time to do what you want to do this week.

Good luck with your training.