Saturday, 12 March 2005

back home

another couple of days away but a little running

Thursday night is club night - and this week I aquired a running partner! The Dad of one of the lads in teenbeanz's traingin group wants to do the Derby 10K, but hasn't run apart from teh tready fro 20 years.

So we went out together with a quicker chap who appointed himself as our coach!

Dad is quicker than me but not as quicka s coach. We went out togetehr and they gradually wased away, but looped back wheneve they got to be out of sight - which was really nice. I did inevitably run at a quicker HR than I would have done alone, but hey I am not BT at the moment anyway.

Then we reached the long boring road on the 'back straight' of the run and Coach decided we should do fartlek between the lamposts - Dad sprinted 2 lamposts, and then jogged back to meet me, I sprinted one lampost, then we jogged two and repeated. It certainly made the route less boring and I did enjoy lengthening my stride and going quicker than my usual plod. Warmed down going back tot he clubhouse and opverall it was my second fastest time for the route - but by far the highest AHR!

where: club
what: 3.8 miles
time: 47:47
pace: 12.58 mm
AHR: 147!

After the club night I drove to Peterborough ready for meetings Friday and Saturday. Good place to run - plenty of cycle paths, but never sure how safe in a strange town.

Friday morning and up early for a run - but only a small loop and after 20 minutes I was back at the start and wimped out of a second loop - which was really stupid because after 20 minutes it actually begins to feel better - so was really cross with myself, as I have not done the miles this week.
Weak Kneed Mamby Pamby
where: trail
what: 1.75 miles
time: 20:27
pace: 11.7 mm
AHR: 130

Tomorrow - longest run to date 3:30 - eeek Scared 2

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bz said...

well, wheres your post about thr 15.9 miler then????

and whats this about no base training?