Sunday, 13 March 2005

that was hard

ok so today it was to be 3:30 on the feet, which works out as about 16 miles at 13:30 mm

breakfast at 9.30 - porage and toast

at 1.00 off I set with 2 bottles of lucozade (no gels in the house)

first 20 minutes were ok then my calves began to seize up so several pauses to lean against lamposts and stretch

gradually got into it, by an hour in I was fairly happy and notching off the miles at the right sort of pace of run 12 walk 1 and legs ok

NB right sort of pace is BT pace - which I do usually try to do, but just not enough days to really class as BT Happy

sipping the lucozade at each walk a minute

by 6 miles I've finished a bottle of lucozade and ditched the empty, feeling a bit sloshy inside and not wanting to drink anymore!

continue past my last farthest mark of 2 weeks ago and trundle on to 1:45 onthe watch and turn for home

still feeling ok, if a little tired, but managingto maintain run 12 walk 1 up until about 12 miles

now feeling a bit cold and needing some energy but canot bear the thought of any more lucozade

fortunately I pass the coop and i have money!

I go in and look at jelly babies- too much like LZ, and remember someone saying that a mini mrs bar had done it for them in a long race

can't carry a bag of mini mars bars, so buy a normal sized mars bar and eat that as I plod along

it seems to do the trick and I keep going, but now running 5 walk 1 until I get to 1.5 miles out when the hill faces me - I remember someone here suggesting taking this last hill as a walk and warm down - seem sensible and I walk up the hill, jog along the flat bit and then turn into the park for a respite from Sunday afternoon traffic. I walk home finishing in 3:41:33, not counting the time queuing in the coop!

mrbeanz has gone out in the car to see where I am - and of course missed me as I detoured! sorry he got worried

now I am very stiff!

where: road
what: 15.9 miles
time: 3:41:33
pace: 13.93 mm
AHR: 138

tomorrow: swim and find out about massage


Evil Pixie said...

Well done!
You should be well proud of yourself!

Highway Kind said...

Well done you. Time = endurance and 3.41 is a lot of endurance.

It was me that suggested taking the last hill as a warm down - it is what I do. As I live on a hill I always start and end my runs in the valley. Mentally and physically it is much easier to keep going when you know the finish is quite easy.

beanz said...

Thanks, both

thought it was perhaps you, HK, but couldn't rememebr when I was posting

Andrew McEvoy said...

Well done, Beanzie.

Nearly 4 hours on your feet is superb.

I'm getting soooo excited for you now. And a little envious.