Wednesday, 16 March 2005

catching up

still sore from long plod - getting anxious about the last 10 miles now!

at yesterday's meeting I was asked to go to a meeting on 19th April - told them I might not be able to drive to the station, let alone catch a train!

went to the gym last night and did 25 minutes cross trainer and 25 minute walking on a steep incline on the tready - by the end of it i was much looser and did my stretching

today not quite so stiiff - calves ok just hamstring (I think, never did anatomy) tight now - loads of work, so will settle for a bit of gardening and lots of stretching I think

off to Cambridge again tonight, will take kit, butnot sure if i will plod.

need to do short long plod on Friday this week, cos of visitors all weekend

1 comment:

bz said...

dont worry about the day
onthe day it will just work
it may not be how you expect, but it will work-trust me

we must sort out a plod over easter