Monday, 28 March 2005

A grand day out

Picked up plodding hippo at the station and went back home to dump gear etc

then we were off on our adventure

the plan is to plod the cloud trail to Worthington in Leicstershire and find a pub for grub

after a slight hiccup where we plod up an unexpectedly steep hill, we find the river and plod out of Derby in a generally southerly direction

after a few phone callls from evil pixie on her bike, who unaccountably seems to think we can run much faster than we are doing, we meet up

so now there's three running peeps chatting away about this and that and the miles fly by - garmin prompts us for a one minute walk every mile and they seem to come much more quickly than when I am running alone

we identify a PH on the OS map and aim for there - only to discover it is CLOSED on a BAnk Holiday Monday afternoon!!

at last we find one that is open - only to discover that it stopped servinfg the 'all day' food at 3 pm (Its now 3.20)

but they manage to supply drinks and crisps, and I supply geo bars so we remain moderately happy

mrbeanz has arrived to ferry hippo and me back to Derby [he later tells the teenbeanzes that he sat listenting to three like-minded mad women talking about running 145 mile races - who us??]

a phone conversation with running teenbeanz reveals that he has won an Easter Egg and more importantly, a cup, for first young athlete (and second overall) in club Easter Handicap!!

what a greta end ot a perfect running day

thanks hippo and pix for making it such a great long slow run

and the stats:

where: cloud trail
what: 17.5 miles
time: 4:02:48
pace: 13:51 mm
AHR: 137

tomorrow: swim and massage


Andrew McEvoy said...

Not a lot I can say. I'm in awe and full of respect. Well done.

bz said...

was good wasnt it!

How are your legs

Evil Pixie said...

Can I just remind you two that Benz is doing the 145m race I offered to support
Beanz however has all but entered a 50m race in Kent!
See I'm sensible I don't even talk about ultras! And before you say anything the Trailwalk is a long sponsored walk!

bz said...

just a pipe dream