Saturday, 26 March 2005

good plod with garmin

up and out early - short sleeves and shorts in the sunshine

took the garmin for a longer plod, and decided to not include the 5 minutes walk at start and the warm down up the steep hill at the end

legs still stiff - stopped to stretch a couiple of times on outward half

pace reflects the fact that is mostly downhill on the way out and uphill on the way back - the last 0.6 miles includes some uphill bits in the park I cannot imagine ever being able to run!!


where: road and park
what: 4.6 miles
time: 1:02:17
pace: 13.29 mm
AHR: 135

tomorrow : rest day and outlaws here for lunch


bz said...

hope you are resting well
hee hee hee

bz said...

youd better rest well today
hee he hee

C A D said...

Hiya Beanz..

I missed a great deal. I'm thinking I need to return to my old blog here but that has a few worries associated with it. But anyway hope the BH plod with Ms Hippo went well/ goes well.


Andrew McEvoy said...

Are you two still plodding? Or gassing?

I hope you had a good one.