Wednesday, 2 March 2005

flat running again

Did not run on Tuesday at the club - work and family got in the way.

So ran in Cambridge again this morning - cold but not rainign or sleeting, as it was an hour later!

Was out a little later than last week so saw a couple of other runners - and they spoke so more friendly than the folk I saw last week.

I have decided to allow myself to go a couple of bpm higher on the HR as I can run more comfortably at a max of 142 than 140. I know it does not seem much but I found at 140 I have to keep slowing down or even walking whereas at 142 max I can keep chugging along.

where: road
what: 3.4 miles
time: 3:04:34
pace: 12.3
AHR: 138

1 comment:

bz said...

dont worry about a couple of beats on HRM
people dont all fit the formula
If you feel ok, then you probably are