Tuesday, 22 March 2005

two plusses (sp?)

yesterday I received a garmin 301 from a grateful client!

I have been lusting after one for a while - just so I can compare splits with all the others on here, on training and half marathon!!

I shall take it out tonight at the club and see how it does.

The other good thing today was a visit to the physio, she gave me a fairly thorough going over and was pretty positive about my prospects.

Found lots of tight muscle and knotty bits and dug deep.

However she was impressed by my flexibility - I discovered I can touch my toes - have not been able to do that for years! Also said something about good neural flexibility (?) and has encouraged me to stretch every day between now and THE DAY. And to ICE Bath after long runs - eek!

Going back next week for more torture.


Evil Pixie said...

strecthing every day ... I knew there was something the physio told me that I was forgetting!
I am SUCH a BAD BAD pixie :-(
Good news for you though!

beanz said...

I am pretty good about doin g(some) stretching after running, but the non running days are hopeless, I get to bed time and realise I have not stretched all day :<(

Evil Pixie said...