Thursday, 31 March 2005

short plod

not even a couple of miles tonight :<(

went out with club partner hamstrings really tight and hadn't loosened much after 23 minute lap,

so called it a day and just did lots of stretches,

after which I felt much better and should have gone out for another lap

but didn't

ah well

a piddling 73 miles this month - not exactly ideal prep for FLM

but it will have to do :<(


bz said...

did you or did you not do 17.5 3 days ago, and felt ok
yep i was there, so you did!!!!!
you will be fine

beanz said...


Andrew McEvoy said...

200 miles in 3 months though, Beanzie. I'd say keep taking your leggies out for nice gentle plods. And take a loooong recovery.

Ruth knows, you know.


beanz said...

Thanks, XB