Tuesday, 9 August 2005

achey legs

managed a short session at the gym yesterday

followed by lunch with LMH

then a break before being back on taxi service

a scout barbecue in the evening which meant standing around for 2½ hours - including some fun silly games which required jiggging from one leg to the other - difficult when they really ache

did not stop me going for a plod this morning though :>)

session W5 R50 R5 Run
distance 0.352 3.84 0.27 4.42
pace 15:43 13:01 18:39 13:33
AHR 118 145 143 137

this was back on my old undulating route - with a net run downwards on the outward undulations - giving a pace of
12:45 mm for the outward 25 minutes
13:17 mm for the return 25 minutes

best overall pace on this run since FLM!

I think I am beginning to recover - maybe even get quicker one day!!!

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Andrew McEvoy said...


Welcome back to this plodding lark.