Wednesday, 24 August 2005

come on beanz, get on with it

ran Monday, planned to run tonight at the club, but it was a 10 k handicap and I have never run 10k, but knew I would be sooo much slower than everyone else, so chickened out

and went along to time keep

which was really good cos I got to meet people and learn a few names instead of arriving back after everyone else had gone to the pub! (not really, most peeps waited for last man back, who would probably have plodded with me if I'd dared do it)

anyway it means I've had a good time at the club, but not done my run - was in York all day, and could not get out of bed early enough to run this morning

so I think I am going to be brave and go for two days on the trot - a slow 4 miles tomorrow

and then a long run on Friday - 2 hours along the river path with a fellow plodder

I have just cheered myself up by looking at what I was doing this time last year in preparation for Robin Hood

and it does not look too bad - my non-long uns were mostly 3 miles ish rather than the 4 + miles I am doing now :>))

so maybe I will survive in 17 days?

and Windsor a fortnight later?

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Evil Pixie said...

You'll be fine!

BTW you have mail!