Wednesday, 10 August 2005

attacked by killer mozzy

so the barbecue was fun but ......

standing around on a summer's evening always carries a risk

I seem to have encountered a particularly viscious mozzy

who has crawled over my legs taking out chunks

one (at least) has become infected so now I have a leg like a balloon

and antibiotics

and can't contemplate going out with the friendly club tonight

I've cried off more than I have been :<(


C A D said...

Blimey Beanz!!!

Another one in the wars eh. Me too on the antibiotics. I'm on 3 lots now (got to finish the lot from last week as well as start the two new lots)!!

((hugs)) for the not-running thing. I restarted and felt okay. Ankle is a bit weak so taking it easy!

Evil Pixie said...

(memories of mozzy bits on ear at race causing huge ear and pain)
take care and try some anti-histemines too

b-z said...

I HATE mossies
they always go for me-and i always react badly

Hope you are better soon

Leon said...


{{{{{ HUG }}}}}

nasty mozzie leg bitey things -there seem to have beeen a few of those around this year