Saturday, 20 August 2005

Summer holiday 2

And the Sun continues to shine......

Thursday : Rain forecast from the NW later in the day, so off to the other coast to the Lost Gardens of Heligan. I've been twice before but it is still a great visit - the jungle is past its best in August but the herbaceous beds and the vegetable beds were fantastic
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and lots of walking too!
And it just started raining as we walked back to the car!

Friday :
Awoke to a bright morning and felt like a run so I did. Just a couple of miles round the edge of the golf course - it was windy and hilly but at least I was out there.
Morning in St Ives, shopping and mooching
Afternoon on the beach whilst the teenbeanzes build a mega sandcastle with sea defences - we then wait until it is overwhelmed by the incoming sea.
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Saturday :
Early swim before breakfast.
A short (3.75 m) walk along the SW Coastal Path - fantastic views across Carbis Bay.
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Back on the train, with more views.
A lazy afternoon of board games.

Home tomorrow !


b-z said...

what have you been eating on holiday

beanz said...

er did I dsay don't ask!!

too much and not enough fruit and veg :<(

b-z said...

pats belly happily
me too