Wednesday, 17 August 2005

Summer holiday

Strange being away

Out of touch with friends

And also out of touch with work - a really good break!

Loads of sunshine
Swimming in the pool every day
Lots of rest

Mozzy after effects almost gone - but not run yet.

It is very hilly here - steep walk down to the beach and the coastal path into St. Ives. Good 15 minutes of CV coming back up!

So far:

St Ives - Tate and Hepworth museums,
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and lots of walking

back to the hotel for a swim with the teenbeanzes


early morning swim and morning on the beach
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afternoon of reading, crosswords and Sudokus


Geevor Tin Mine, Levant Beam Engine and Land's End.

Sublime to the ridiculous!

Rain forecast for tomorrow so maybe into St Ives? Should try and run.

More later in the week.


C A D said...

"should try and run"

err... you're on holiday!

So... run when you get back!

Hope you're having a lovely time of it.


b-z said...

hope youve run