Sunday, 28 August 2005

just a short plod

a short plod this morning- back ached again especially on the hills - the after effects of an afternoon in the garden yesterday I think

trouble is the garden needs loads of TLC at the moment - I have never really got on top of it this year, as the spring was spent training for FLM

had planned W5:R50:W5 but back ache made me turn back after 20 minutes

however prior to that I was not going too badly - if I can keep my pace under 13 mm when it is not to hilly I shall be happy at the moment

session OUT



distance 0.37 1.23 1.6 3.2
pace 13.5 12:56 14:50 13:56
AHR 136

HRM was playing up so no sensible numbers on the out and back


Leon said...

I'm having HRM probs too beanz - think the chest stap battery is going (but I have the option of changing it which is pretty cool)

Miles are miles though!!!!!!

Well done you..


beanz said...

mmmm could be battery - but I've only had it since March

I can replace this one myself - just about to send Polar off for new battery in watch

Red Haired Girl said...

Hiya Beanz, finally signed on for your blog, thanks for the mail, looks interesting!! You going to come out and join me

Leon said...

Hi RHG..

Long time No see!!!!