Friday, 26 August 2005

new running partner

I think I have found a local running partner at last :>)

RP is a new member of staff at the gym and has not done more than 10k - but is entered for Robin Hood half!!

so we went out today for a 2 hour plod - by her 10k pace she is quicker than me, but does not have the endurance

so for the first 5 miles she was tootling along chatting away and I was keeping up

but after 5 miles she began to find it harder - and as we were doing run a mile walk a minute (or two) she was asking 'surely the mile is up'

so we could be quite good for each other - she'll pull me a long - and I'll help her get out the door and help her endurance

we will probably only meet once a week for a long run, but that means I can do my long run off road along cycle tracks - which is much better :>)

so a positive outcome

here's the data (if blogger is behaving)

so, it was slow, but included a few pauses to stretch during our "walk a minute" minute


Andrew McEvoy said...

I'm impressed, Beanzie. Consistent splits and only once did your heart rate go over 1,000bpm.

Well done.

beanz said...


C A D said...


Sorry but that is funny!


b-z said...

beanz is superhuman-didnt you know;))

Leon said...

ROFLOL !!!!!

Please leave it in Beanz