Monday, 22 August 2005

running in the rain

After a week of glorious weather in Cornwall its back to dampness and rain

drizzle on the way out turned to a downpour on the way back

my normal out and back route - I've split the run into the two halves to show the "upness" of the return route

parts of the flat and downhill bits felt really good

must conquer the uphill bits!

session W5 R24:20 R25:40 R5 Run
distance 0.31 1.90 1.82 0.27 4.29
pace 16:04 12:48 14:05 18:44 13:58
AHR 110 145 148 145 142

new start on sensible eating today - must get some of this weight off - would make hills sooo much easier I am sure!


Evil Pixie said...

welcome home!

Leon said...

Good to see you back!
Onwards and upwards - as they say!!
..and if the rest thing has made running the falt and down parts feel good - the rest wlll surely follow

Leon said...

What does "falt" mean

Ahhhh - flat

I really must learn to type

b-z said...


Hannah said...

Loving the holiday snaps! I wish it all looked like that in December ;)

I have had a sneaky little look around for a few races to do while I'm over, but so far, nothing set in stone!

Keep up the good work - I've been trying to shift the same old five kgs for about a million years now. Hard work!