Thursday, 25 August 2005

rubbish plod!

back from what was supposed to be a gentle 4 miler

but instead of getting up at 5 to do it I left it until 10

which meant my main road route was full of smelly traffic

so off roqad into the park

but its uneven and UP

and my back began to ache

now sore legs I can deal, with but back - aaagh

and I am supposed to be doing a long one tomorrow

so I decided to cut it short

and it was mostly uphill back and I could NOT run

so it was a pathetic 2.2 miles in 34:17 - pace slower in the 'run' than the warm up walk!!

but I have come back and stretched - something I have failed to do on the last couple of plods

so fingers crossed for a flat long run tomorrow

stilll 2.2 mile is 2.2 miles in the bank (as Ruth might say)

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