Sunday, 7 August 2005

a tiring day ...

It started well with an early morning run - I decided to abandon my FLM up the road and back route - it's too mindblowingly boring - the same undulations every time aaaagh.

so turn the other direction and down to the river - through the park and back along the other side

of course DOWN to the river means it is seriously UP coming back

but the route is 4 miles with the potential for a flattish 2 mile loop in the park

so I shall be back for that later in the week

as for today it went like this :

session W5 R50 W5 Run
distance 0.34 3.63 0.31 4.28
pace 14:49 13:45 16:15 14:01
AHR 116 142 135 143

back home, stretch and shower then its off to Alton Towers with the two teenbeanzes and a couple of Swedish scouts who are staying for a few days

I had not been before and did not know what to expect

fond thoughts of wandering through the picturesque gardens and sipping cups of tea whilst the lads tried out the rides were dashed

as they did not know what to expect either, I spent a lot of time waiting for them to go on rides and then walking across the site to the next ride

all very tiring

back home, cook a meal and then off for a walk in the park - down to the river along this morning's route, but just a couple of miles this time

legs are beginning to request some respite!

time for upper body at the gym tomorrow I think


b-z said...

blimming kids

C A D said...

beanz - bet they had a good time though..?

Glad to see you back too. Take it easy on the pins!

Evil Pixie said...

Well done Beanz ... keep up the good work!

Leon said...


Respite for legs - that sounds like a plan

Still - you're getting the time on your feet in - and that's good!!