Monday, 1 August 2005

Longer and very slow ....

Robin Hood is getting perilously close and although I have not run all week I really need ot build up my long runs.

So adding 10 minutes to last weeks long run was the least I could do. Although I have not run since last Sunday I really needed to get a long run in.

So I went out this morning.

First plan was ot start with a lap of the park with teenbeanz, but he was in a CBA mood, so I was on my own.

On autopilot I set off up the main road - which is OK at 5 am, but not so pleasant at 9.00 am on a Monday morning.

The prospect of 90 minutes of traffic fumes was not good, so I decided to turn off and run a road I hav eonly ever driven before. Although there are not footpaths all along, it is not too narrow, not too much traffic. However I had failed to realise what a steep hill it included! So there was rather a lot of walking - and still my HR was above 70% on those bits.

I am supposed to finish with 5 minutes walk to cool down, but as part of the last bit of the route was downhill I could not resist running it!

session W5 R80 R5 Run
distance 0.35 5.62 0.36 6.32
pace 14:19 14:14 13:58 14:14
AHR 118 145 143 143

Good fun, but not exactly base training!


Evil Pixie said...

sometimes having fun and remembering why we do this is much more important than training plans and schedules!!
Well done!

C A D said...

second what Pixie says.

How's the legs feeling though..?

beanz said...

legs recovered much better than last week - thanks