Saturday, 25 March 2006

away again

After the euphoria of Wednesday night’s run I have been away from home – first a couple of days in London – including meeting up with a blogging buddy for a couple of hours – that was GOOD.


Then on Friday evening it was off to Cardiff – arrived to pouring rain – no surprise there it is Wales after all.

I asked on the forums where might be safe to run in Cardiff and was advised that the Taff Trail was OK.


So this morning I was up bright and early to explore Cardiff – and it was a lovely morning too – rather unexpected.


I ran up the River Taff, through a park along a cycle path, crossing the river a mile or so up and weaving my way back down the other side of the river.


Lots of wildlife – including zillions of squirrels, great tits, chaffinches, a cormorant on the river – and a jay, first one I’ve seen close to for years; and I heard a woodpecker – but couldn’t see it (I never can).


And I ran nearly 3 miles too – on the return half my HRM was registering crazy numbers – up to 222 – and these numbers did fall if I slowed down – and if I stopped to measure my pulse it did seem to be very high and fell rapidly – so I am not sure what was going on there?


A long working day with lots of walking and stairs leaves me feeling weary – but I would like to run down the river in the other direction tomorrow morning – to see the new developments around Cardiff Bay.


It probably depends on how long we take to eat dinner tonight and whether it is raining in the morning!


Evil Pixie said...

hmmm 222 is a tad high ... do you "feel" ok? Could you still be on the back end of that bug?
Take care!
Too close now to gain much but close enough to cause problems so be carefull! I need to be able to give you gels at mile 17 you know!!!

HappyasLarry said...

Hopefully its a blip in the HRM and nothing to worry about, but listen to your body just the same.
It must be good to be able to run in so many different places.

b-z said...

am jealous
love cardiff , me