Saturday, 4 March 2006


Currently working in Coventry.
Up early this morning to run. Kit on ready to go - but no shoes :-(
How stupid can I be?

Had my new copy of RW in my bag and lo and behold - there's a running shop 10 minutes away (actually the ad. says 2 minutes but that must be at 3 a.m.)

A phone call confirmed that they have Asics 2110s in my size, so I sneak off at lunch time and buy them. Well you can never have too many running shoes can you?

Unfortunately I couldn't take advantage of the lovely day to run, as the meeting ran on until very late.

But I will be up in the morning to run before work.

later on Saturday ......

I managed to get up and run at 6.30 - very frosty and not much time as we wanted to start the meeting early so we could all get home at a reasonable time.

2.3 miles done and arrived back with a frosty hat and gilet!

But I felt soo much better for it - and a colleague told me he could tell I had run because I was much more relaxed and less inclined to crabbiness!!!

Its the club home XC race tomorrow so teenbeanz and I will go and marshall - he isn't a member and I am not running XC - yet.

It would be nice to jog down there and back, but that would mean standing around for an hour or two in just running kit and getting cold, so will go out and run first.


Leon said...

Now this all sounds great - a new pair of shoes, and a run that someone else recognised the benfit of.


the seed of doing XC is there too..!!


b-z said...

you naughty woman!
buying shoes--snigger

HappyasLarry said...

Its always good to have an excuse for a new pair of shoes.