Wednesday, 1 March 2006

great club running!

how could I have thought of not keeping going to my club?

great run this evening

arrived to find one of the fast ladies had brought her teenage daughter and friend to run - TD has asthma and consultant has suggested that running would help, so please could she plod round with me?

Of course a real pleasure - wasn't in my plan but that doesn't matter

It turned out really well

a couple of the other slower ladies were there and one wanted to do one lap of the 2 mile course, the other to do two

so we set off together and TD and friend and I did a run walk - ie we ran for a minute, then we walked briskly til TD had a enough breath to gossip, then we ran for a minute then ... for 2 miles, the girls went to sit in the warm until Mum had finished and I went and did a speedier 2 miles

So I had done a proper warm up instead of zooming off too fast and having tight calves and the second lap was the fastest I've ever done it - a real result!

Mile Pace AHR
1 14:11 130 downhill
2 14:38 131 back up
3 12:22 147 down again
4 12:25 153 up again - keeping each other from walking!
4.20 13:24 140 53:50


Evil Pixie said...

It's times like that when we realise why we do this!

b-z said...

wonderful to hear you sounding so positive

HappyasLarry said...

That's what its all about Beanz. Well done.

Leon said...


Love it when things come together

Sluggie said...

Great going Beanzie!