Wednesday, 15 March 2006

I've got a cold - or is it manflu?

I am all stuffed up with a cold - but I don't do colds so its a bit of a shock to the system

I think it must be a result of getting over tired with all teh rushing around - and not taking the cod liver oil, vitamin C etc

Not gone to my chest yet so I will be off to the club tonight to plod.

A week at home with time to run I cannot afford to miss the chance for proper plods.

Teenebanz wanted to go to the club again, so we went, and I did run - there was a very cold wind - in our faces as we went up the hill, so a tough start, a bit slower than last week, but I survived

what: club run 3.5 miles
time: 46:56
pace: 13:23
AHR: 143


Evil Pixie said...

It wasn't me honest guv! I kept me germs to me self!!
I would follow your own advice and rest and stay warm!!

Sluggie said...

Take it easy beanz. Things have been pretty manic for you recently and you don't want to push yourself too hard if you are unwell.