Monday, 20 March 2006

Can I change to the half please?

Dear Mr Bedford,
Please would you transfer my place in the FLM to the FLHM as I feel it would suit me better

Oh there ISN'T a half marathon on the same day? - well, I'll just have to try and run the whole way then ..

Seem to be recovering from the cold - and not feeling so miserable and tearful

However not sure about the running .....

Time for a long slow plod - 3 hours is due

mrbeanz was not going my way so it was an out and back, rather than the drop off and run back

So I ran out for 1½ hours and back.

Mile Pace AHR
1 13:37 132 warming up downhill
2 13:20 136
3 13:15 135
4 13:17 137
5 13:35 137 try a gel - yuck
6 13:47 135
7 14:11 134
8 13:30 133 buy a lucozade
9 13:33 138
10 13:41 135
11 14:16 135
12 15:30 130 heart OK legs struggling
13 15:23 127 this hill doesn't get easier!
13.21 17:16 119 13:58 AHR 134

I have to say the prosepct of doing as much again daunts me at the moment - maybe I have to think about going a little slower - but then I'd be on my feet even longer!

The first 10 miles were done in 2:15:49 which is 13:35 rate - I need to do 13:45 rate for a 6 hour marathon - so ... without th ehills maybe I can keep goin on my run a mile make up the difference mode which I used today based on 14 mm - and ended up (including the slow stuff ) with 13:58 mm.

Hey Ho


Evil Pixie said...

consistent pace though and FLM Is flat and there is HUGE crowd support
you thought about a timed walk run thing like 5:1

Outsidenow said...

Top plodding beanz!

It's more than I've ever done.

Mrs V said...

After plodding the same distance at a similar speed I can truly appreciate how you feel but what has me in complete amazement is the are that you live in. Those hills around near you are shocking and for that reason alone you should be so proud of what you have achieved out there.

Great Plodding Mrs B

b-z said...

dont you give up now
rememeber training runs-especailly those on your own, are MUCH harder than the "main event" with all the support