Saturday, 11 March 2006

running away

away rather a lot at the moment, so having to fit running in when I can

Club night and teenbeanz came too :>))

I had expected that the girls I took out last week woudl be there but they weren't so a chance to go out with the other 'slow group' who drag me a long at a faster pace than I would do on my own - and prove to me that I can run a bit faster than feels comfortable!

This week the group is MV69 (most recent half marathon 2:30 but used to be much quicker) and a lady who sprinted as a school girl and only just getting back into running and loving it - call her ex lady sprinter XLS - she goes off quicker than me but each time we go a bit further with us she is running into the unknown, so at the moment I have the edge in endurance if not pace! Off we set, XLS at the front MV69 chatting away and me chugging at the back - wishing I had done some warm up before we started. MV69 congratulates me on the fact that I am getting quicker thanks to going out with them, which is true, but I do wonder whether he thinks I don't run from one week to the next!

After the usual toxic twenty I am beginning to enjoy it and keeping up with XLS much better - I think she is beginning to struggle once we get past about 2.5 miles, but we all keep going with no stopping - even the traffic lights don't allow a breather!

As we come into the home straight we pick up one of the quicker men who is warming down - so he drags us back rather quickly. I had planned to run a bit past the club to take me up to 4 miles but was rather out of breath and teenbeanz was just coming in so I called it a day.

what: club run 3.6 miles
time: 46:52
pace: 12:56
AHR: 145

No hanging around tonight, I took teenbeanz home and then had to drive to Peterborough for a three day meeting with an early start in the morning.

Oh and teenbeanz had a good run too - not too fast for him as a mid week run,but a good way of getting a long easy in to his week.

Up early in Peterborough for a recovery run. I do wish they woudl send us to the same hotels more than once - yet again a different hotel and I have to suss out a run. I had printed off a bit of the OS from multimap and reckoned I could use a cycle track.

And out I went - heavy legs after last night, but it was good to be out in the fresh air and not cold at all. I soon foudn the cycle route and it was rather good - through a wood, but open enough to feel safe and a soft bit alongside the tarmacced path - presumably for horses, but good to run on to as it was mostly sandy rather than muddy. I saw a few dog walkers, cyclists and just one other runner - a rather fast lady.

Plodding at recovery HR meant a very slow plod, but good to be out.

what: recovery 2.6 miles
time: 36:49

pace: 14:26
AHR: 129

Did not run - had not slept well, anxious about the days ahead. As it turns out I probably should have run as my anxiety turned into stress and a not good day.
Resolved to have an early night and run on Saturday - so eat in my room - did not need the company.

Up early to run, a light drizzle, but hey we don't mind running in the rain and snow is forecast!!

Started on the same route as Thursday, but took and option of a change in direction, and onto a muddy path by the river. A colleague had told me he had crossed the river in the village near the hotel, so I thought 'I must be abel to get back across the river later'. As I plodded further and there is no sign of anything but fields and woods, I thought 'at what point should I decide to turn back and retrace my steps?'

And then I cam to sluice gates and the feed to the canal - now I had river AND canal between me and my target! But soon there were bridges and all was well.

I must look at the OS to see where I went!

I felt SO much better for the plod - must do this more often. And get some off-road shoes for the mud.

what: steady 3.4 miles
time: 47:42
pace: 13:51
AHR: 138

At last I am home again.

Teenbeanz is off to race tomorrow, Fradley 10k - weather permitting, I plan a 1:30 plod.


Sluggie said...

Well done beanz, some good plodding despite the stresses and strains of being away again.

Evil Pixie said...

I wondered where you were!
Well done on keeping up the plodding!
Watch out getting off road shoes it's a slippery path to doing XC! hahahaha (evil cackle)

HappyasLarry said...

Good running there Beanz. Its good that you manage to find routes and fit running into your already busy life when you are away.

Mrs V said...

Some good plodding beanz!!

You will do well in London this year!