Tuesday, 21 March 2006

swimming to recover

legs were a bit achey yesterday afternoon, but OK this morning

mrbeanz has the day off today and was off to the gym early - what to do? gym? treadmill? recovery run along the river path? swim?

swimming won - haven't done that for ages and I plan to run Wednesday and Thursday at least this week, so a swim it was

on the way there I discovered my goggles had escaped from the bag, so it was back to the old days of swimming without goggles, and I now have sore eyes to prove it!

I had the same toxic 20 moment when I thought I'd stop, but decided 500 m was not enough so kept going for the full km.
So 1 km swum - in the time I would run 5 km!
A cup of coffee while I wait for mrbeanz and watch Dean Macey win gold - yay!


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Outsidenow said...

Nice way to spend a day

HappyasLarry said...

Dean Macey winning and swimming - a lovely day!