Monday, 6 March 2006

a longer run at last

Club hosting the last of the Sunday league XC runs today, so teenbeanz and I went down to marshall. I took the camera as it was a beautiful snowy morning. Failed to take any pics inthe park or of the race, but sad physicist that I am I had to take this one of the 'frost shadow'.

I haven't done anything longer than 6 miles for a month, and most of the runs in the last month have been around 3 miles as I have had to squeez them in before work.

So it was time to just get out there and do it.

So a 2:30 run was on the schedule so @ 14 mm that was about 11 miles, so I got up very earl;y for porridge and then was ready to go out with MrBeanz when he went to work - dropping me off just under 11 miles from home meant I HAD to run home. After the usual warm up 20 minutes and plenty of stretching it felt good and the planned 14 mm were not materialising - trying to keep my HR at 135-145, which is reasonably comfortable, I was running rather quicker than I expected. Ah well, I seem to be getting fitter at last!

So the numbers:

Mile Pace AHR
1 13:11 137
2 13:23 138
3 12:33 140
4 12:44 140
5 13:05 139
6 12:43 141
7 12:37 138
8 12:41 137
9 12:57 135
10 13:29 139 start of killer hill
11 16:12 128 walked most of this mile
11 13:14 137 2:25:45

I have not done that pace on a long run before, so wonder whether I was going too fast? The elevation looked like this :

Perhaps not as undulating as my other recent long runs over this route:

see what I mean about undulating and killer hill?

and the average paces for those were :

14 miles at 13:53 AHR 134

9 miles at 13:36 and AHR 135

Perhaps I am getting fitter if I can run for longer and faster at a slightly higher HR?


Evil Pixie said...

Brilliant Beanz and great graphics too!

Outsidenow said...

Great Running Beanz. I trust you are well pleased!

Also you are setting the standard now with this post Beanz. I mean graphics and everything!

HappyasLarry said...

Great running Beanz.

Love the graphics - I can't even work out how to put monthly totals onto my blog!!

And the picture of the frost shadow is just fab.

Mrs V said...

wwwfantastic run beanz - my laptop has finally let me post on here, just need to fix pixies site now and im sorted!!

you are true to the waister philosophy - well done!


b-z said...

superb beanzie

Leon said...

Fantastic Beanz

Great run
Really great!

And elevation profiles and everything
Fantastic stuff

Highway Kind said...

Hey those elevations look like an Alpine stage of the Tour de France!

Well done

Sluggie said...

Well done Beanzie!