Sunday, 9 January 2005

back running and its great!

Went out for 7 miles that's a nearly long definitely slow run for me, it should have been 9 for the schedule, but did not have time for the last couple of miles.

I really concentrated on keeping below 70% on the way out - and do you know what, the return run (uphill) was the best I've ever done - HR stayed below 75% and I ran the 1½ miles uphill without need of pause for walking - and felt I could have kept going further at the end!!

This is good stuff!

where: road
how far: 13.2 km 7 miles
time: 1:32:26
pace: 13.2 minute miles
AHR: 131
core: crunch & pressups - done

tomorrow: 45 minutes road or tready


Leon - Aim High! said...

Superb effort beanz.
Feels great to be able to run the 'up' doesn't it!

C A D said...

well done you beanz!!

I'm really jealous. I expect I'll feel a bit knackered this week when I restart training.

Marvellous feeling isn't it to be able to run up a hill..??!!! I did the Corporate Cup in Liverpool the last two years and there's a huge hill half way round. First time I did it, I ended up walking more or less all the way up it and then last year I only walked the last few yards of it (had run out of puff!) felt really great!


beanz said...


cath really take it easy when you start running again, you've had a real pounding recently.xx

bz said...

where you need to be just now beanz
well done