Wednesday, 19 January 2005

retail therapy :>)

well I have rested and iced today - as instructed

and exercised my purse with a bit of retail therapy - if you can't run buy some kit!

now have some black tights - not flattering but will be better than shorts or tracksters for Sunday,
and there will not be anyone behind me to look at the rear view anyway!

was tempted by off road shoes, but not this week


Evil Pixie said...

Derby Runner by any chance!! Dave said he saw "one of my friends"! Can't escape me!

Leon - Aim High! said...

Greetings Oh Resting One!

Gettin' excited yet?

bz said...

balck tights are great

you will LOVE this course

beanz said...

Kim - yes Derby Runner

Leon - not sure that excited is the word - more anxious than earlier halves - feeling all those pre-race twinges

But meeting up with some other forumites on Saturday night so really want to go