Tuesday, 18 January 2005

sore shin :<((

from this going soo well, during last nights plod was a little sore in my left shin - not enough to stop plodding, but definitely there

so tonight was club night - no running partners there now, the other plodding Mums seem to have all given up

however one of the coaches is a sports masseur/therapist, so I had a quick consultation and after a couple of painful prods he prounced the dreaded words "shin splints"

offered various suggestions:

padding in the heels of my shoes to reduce jarring, running on softer surfaces, ricing, resting .... and if I feel it is necessary a painful session of massage with him.....

had thought I might have a little plod on the field , but it was pouring with rain and blowing a hooly so I had second thoughts and decided a day's rest would not do any harm

some reading on the RW site I shall go for some rest, ice and see how it goes - really want to do BM this weekend, so may also take some ibuprofen to help get thorugh that and thensee how it goes.

Must make the effort to do more off road running - but locally off road also means hilly, or a very boring field!

where: nothing

tomorrow: possible short jog or gym


Highway Kind said...


You must take care with this. I have been suffering really badly with shin splints (caused by total stupidity) that have totally disrupted my running.

The ultimate cause of my problems was an arch that had fallen and needed more support. I have now switched to Mizuno shoes that have a higher arch support and this has allowed me to continue.

The other thing I am not doing at the moment is hill work

Best of luck

Leon - Aim High! said...

Take care of that shin Beanz
Welcome to the the Anti- inflammatories team

Hey that's an idea - we could go for a team prize (One of our own making)

"......and the winners of the the 'Finished-Nowhere-in-the-Prizes-and-were-slightly-Injured' team prize are

......Team 'Brufen"

{HUGE CHEERS - and sagely nodding of heads from the old-timers}

Getting carried away?

{{{{{ }}}}}

bz said...


Please rest

you needto get to the start line
(jeez i sound like a broken record)

Leon - Aim High! said...

Ruth's right - And I've BEEN told (and I'm resting too!)

beanz said...

ok, ok thanks, guys'n'gal
i get the message

rest it is

and carboloading too??

Evil Pixie said...

Of course you carbo load! You're racing! (or like me you are attending a race!)
RICE and rest as the god DR says!!!
Maybe a brisk walk if you need the endorphins!
Good luck Sunday - Bet my time is slower than yours!